Creativity in strategic processes: A case study on creative development work in a contemporary organization

University essay from Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för företagande och ledning

Abstract: In today's highly complex business environment, creativity has become key in gaining competitive advantage. This has an effect on the strategic process, as an organization is being put under pressure to adjust to the increased demand for creativity and innovation. The purpose of this thesis has been to investigate how these pressures affect the strategic process in a contemporary organization, and how classical strategy models should be adjusted to this new reality. The thesis is based on a case study conducted at the Development Group at the Entertainment Division of Sveriges Television. The purpose of the group is to develop new TV formats, a process that is highly strategic while at the same time demanding a high degree of creativity and innovation. Our analysis shows that while classical strategy theory as defined by Mintzberg can to some extent be used to explain the strategic operations, it must be supplemented by innovation theory to fully explain today's reality. To make the strategic process run smoothly, certain creativity enablers must also be in place. These findings suggest that researchers and managers must rethink classical assumptions and take into account the new pressures that creativity and innovation demands put on strategy. Only then can an organization keep up with the fast changing business environment that forms today's reality.

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