Welcome to Reality - A study of the balanced scorecard as a communication

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Author: Sabina Ridelberg; Sandra Svensson; [2007-02-07]

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Abstract: Background and problem: During the past decade more and more companies haveexperienced the importance of communicating strategy to their employees in anunderstandable way. The balanced scorecard, created by Kaplan and Norton, is one of themanagement models providing tools to do this. The need for knowledge about how tocreate good internal communication in order to fully utilise the balanced scorecard modelmakes this an interesting subject to study.Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to describe how the balanced scorecard can beused as a tool for communicating strategy within organisations using Kungälv Hospital asan example of how the theories are applied in the reality outside the textbooks.Delimitations: This thesis focuses only on how the balanced scorecard is used as acommunication tool towards employees and not towards other stakeholders. Theperspective is on the use of the balanced scorecard as a communication tool and not onimplementation.Methodology: A qualitative research method was used to gain a deeper understanding ofthe subject. By conducting interviews with employees at different managerial levels wewould obtain a broader picture of how the balanced scorecard is used as a communicationtool in Kungälv Hospital.Analysis and conclusions: The understanding of the strategies as well as of the balancedscorecard varies among them employees at Kungälv Hospital and depends mainly ontraining received and involvement in the creation of the scorecard. Meetings and theintranet constitutes the main channels of communication and the messages sent areadapted in terms of language in order to ensure correct reception. The balanced scorecardas a communication tool has created a common direction of the work in the hospital evenif the understanding of the tool could be improved.Suggestions for further research: Other interesting areas of study could be howmotivation is affected by the use of the balanced scorecard as a communication tool ormaking a comparison of the use of the balanced scorecard in other units connected toVästra Götaland Region.II

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