Critical success factors in software projects : a framework under scrutiny

University essay from Högskolan i Skövde/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Abstract: As a means of addressing the failure rate of information systems Aggestam (2001) proposes a framework which aims to guide organisations in the development of this type of software system. Software is a common concept today and can therefore be anticipated in contexts other than organisations. Examples of such contexts can be given as: embedded software, scientific software and personal computer software. The literature informs that 20% of these software projects are failures and 46% experience cost and schedule overruns. In an attempt to address this failure rate the aim of this report will be to investigate if the framework proposed by Aggestam (2001) can also be applied in this type of software project. Through a comprehensive literature study success factors pertaining to software projects where an organisational information system has not been built have been identified. These factors have then provided the foundation for a deeper interview study. It has been shown that the framework displays promising potential for use in this type of software project. A stable groundwork has also been laid for continued research in this area.

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