Information-Related Practices of Syrian Refugees Living in Scania, Sweden

University essay from Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Abstract: This thesis explores the information-related needs and practices of Syrian refugees in Sweden as represented by six Syrians living in Scania County, Sweden, both during their journeys and after arrival in Sweden. The research adopts a qualitative approach through conducting semi-structured interviews in informal Arabic with Syrian refugees. The interviews were then thematically analyzed from the theoretical perspective of information practice theory. The study shows that the interviewees’ information-related practices and needs during their journeys and in Sweden are heavily affected by the idea of survival. The research examines how the refugees’ wish to survive guided their behaviors regarding information. This thesis shows also that the interviewees’ families have affected these persons’ roles regarding information and its mediation. (Mis)trust permeated through all of the interviewees’ information-related activities and affected them in one way or another. Lastly, the thesis examines the change in usage of public libraries between Syria and Sweden and the interviewees perceptions of these libraries.

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