Modeling of HVDC IGBT in Pspice : Serving an ultimate goal for converter station EMC studies

University essay from KTH/Elektroteknisk teori och konstruktion


An IGBT/diode model with more accurate characteristics than simple switchis required to serve for EMC issues from converter valve. The purpose of thismaster thesis is to develop an IGBT and diode model to achieve both accuratetransient behavior and fast simulation time during single pulse switchingtest circuit for the 4:5 kV and 2:0 kA StakPakTM IGBT module. A gate unitwhich resembles the ABB gate unit is implemented to obtain a good agreementbetween simulation and measurement. For demonstration and verication, theIGBT/diode model is applied in a simplied arm simulation of full scale ABBGeneration 4 HVDC-VSC converter station and capable of a half cell consistingof 8 series-connected IGBTs and their anti-paralleled diodes. The arm simulationresults are analyzed further for converter station EMC studies.Convergence issue is the most important problem in the whole process of modelimplementation and application. To guarantee the convergence in simulationsome characteristics such as the tail voltage at the end of turn-o is disregarded.But overall, the model is validated and adopted successfully.

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