E-mail in the business: a lack of e-mail communication: a perspective of two local travel agencies in Luleå, Sweden

University essay from Luleå/Business Administration and Social Sciences

Abstract: Technology continues to grow on a day-by-day basis and in order to thrive
with it, one must follow its path. E-mail is one of these emerging
technologies on the rise that is being used by organizations and
individuals world wide. With technology flourishing rapidly, consumer
expectations are also increasing, their needs and wants must be gratified
in order to reach customer satisfaction. The aim in this thesis is to
identify the reasoning behind organizations’ lack of e-mail communication
with its customers and the possible impact it can have on customer
relationships. To gain a deeper understanding of the use of e-mail, two
cases were conducted. In the study, the understanding of communication was
important by ensuring the right flow of information. In addition, customer
service, loyalty and trust help strengthen the concept of customer
relationship. The results from this study show that the travel agency
industry has learned to adapt to consumer needs and wants because it has
moved from being agent to the suppliers to becoming a partner with the