Blast from the past: A case study of how UXO affects Human Security in Lao PDR.

University essay from Malmö högskola/IMER

Abstract: Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) contamination presents a considerable level of danger in almost all post-conflict environments. Globally there are a vast amount of casualties every year. However, accurate numbers of casualties is hard to obtain both globally and locally. The purpose of this thesis is to examine how UXO affects Human Security in Lao PDR. The methodology used is a theory consuming empirical and heuristic method. The thesis is a case study that does not attempt to generalize but to understand and analyze the relation between UXO and Human Security in the context of Lao PDR. The theory used in the thesis is Human Security based on the concept of the 1994 UNDP Human Development Report. The findings of the thesis make clear the connection between UXO contamination and lack of Human Security in Lao PDR. The direct and indirect consequences of UXO contamination are explored. Finally, the thesis works at a broader societal level where the links to poverty and development are illustrated.

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