Sustainability performance and management systems at Swedish fish & seafood wholesalers

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: This is a bachelor thesis within the subject of Corporate Sustainability and Business Administrationrelated to performance measurement of sustainability and how this impacts profitability.Through this study the researchers seek to create a deeper understanding for how large Swedishwholesalers of fish & seafood can develop more effective business operations and contribute to asustainable fish & seafood industry while retaining or improving their profitability.As suggested by the literature, measuring and monitoring sustainability performance is a keycomponent in achieving sustainability within businesses. This research builds on the scope ofstrategic CSR and the assumption that sustainability is a requirement for, and can even drive firms’long-term profitability. By developing KPIs, Key Performance Indicators, based on non-financialinformation companies can manage their operations more accurately from a sustainability pointof view, but also perform from a business perspective. The purpose of this thesis is to examinewhether such KPI-based management models can be applied to large Swedish food wholesalerswithin the Fish & Seafood (F&S) category. The project was conducted with a qualitative method,a deductive approach and interviews at some of Sweden’s largest wholesalers of fish & seafood.The results show that Swedish fish & seafood wholesalers are not using the KPI-based models,that some consider sustainability efforts as important for their long-term profitability, and thatsustainability efforts are rather developed more by stakeholder dialogue and business acumen.

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