Omvårdnad av häst i boxvila : ett examensarbete baserat på en enkät gjord bland hästägare i Sverige

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Animal Environment and Health

Abstract: This thesis is focused on what impact stall confinement has on a horse’s mental and physical welfare. It was of great interest to get a gathered picture of how Swedish horseowners had experienced having their horses in stall confinement. A survey study was conducted to achieve this. The survey included twelve questions which for example investigated the horses’ age at the time of stall confinement, the length of stall confinement and their sexes. Furthermore the type of stabling, type of bedding, feeding regimes, amount of stimulance and the development of issues among the horses during their stall confinements were topics also investigated in the essay. A majority of the horses did not develop or suffered from any issues according to the owners, but there were still those who did. The most common issues were those classified as “others” in the essay. Aggression, apathy/depression, anxiety and scraping with front hooves inside the stable were examples of these types of issues. The results also showed that a majority of the horses did not receive any type of stimulation (for example toys, haynet and tricktraining) during their stall confinement. Another result showed that a third of the horses were not accompanied by another horse during their stall confinements. Many horses were alone during the day when the other horses in the stable were turned out in enclosed pastures. The main conclusion drawn from the compilation of this thesis is that nursing care surrounding horses in stall confinement is essential for their physical and mental welfare. A recognition concerning this being a specific task for veterinary nurses also grew and matured during the writing of the thesis. It was also established that further research is required. Such research should focus on investigation and evaluation of different treatment measures that can be used with the purpose to increase the welfare of horses in stall confinement. The long term aim of such research is to develop nursingprotocols specifically for horses in stall confinement, wich have a scientific base and could be used in equine health care.

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