Playing Multiplayer Online Games - Attractive Factors

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: Since the birth of Internet a few decades ago, playing computer games has become a social action that involves numerous users. There can be several reasons that can explain this behaviour but not many studies have been done on the topic. This thesis provides a discussion about the features that make multiplayer online games attractive to the users and analyzes in which degree they are important according to different points of view; the researcher, expert, active players, and casual players. The study has employed questionnaires, interviews and observations that provide empirical data for the discussion. The study shows that there are two main features included in online games that are important from the user’s point of view: the communication and the challenge of playing against other people. On the other hand, the interface is not an issue that incites the user to continue playing. It has been found that there are other facts that are incentives for playing, such as the story schemed through the game or the urge to become better. The possibility of attaining new knowledge about the mechanics of the game as well as improving one’s skills are important factors in the sense that the game should allow it in an intuitive way; neither too easy nor too difficult, as both extremes divert the attention of the players from the game.

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