Importance of Urban Squares as Public Space in Social Life : A New Design of Fisktorget in Karlskrona City

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för fysisk planering


Nowadays, the impact of technological growth‏ ‏on people’s life and our society is remarkable, ‎inevitable and also worrying. The excessive influence of technology in ‎individuals’ lives has caused our community to change towards more privatisation and ‎secluded life. At this point, the role of urban public spaces in social life has become more ‎prominent and significant. Issues of social life in public spaces and the relations with creating a ‎vibrant and dynamic city has not been given too much attention in urban planning and design. ‎This thesis raises the question of considering public spaces and how urban public spaces ‎‎(especially squares) can encourage/persuade citizens ‎to increase social interaction‎. Initially, it describes a clear definition of public spaces and urban squares. Thereafter, the study addresses ‎effectual factors from the human perspective which can help to achieve the successful design of an ‎urban public square. The aim of the work is to comprehend how it might be possible to improve ‎social life and behaviour in public spaces (squares) and consequently to attain a framework in ‎order to design. Ultimately, a design is proposed for Fisktorget (Fish Square), which is one of most important public places in the Karlskrona city in Sweden. The proposed design is based on studies and analyses that have been done throughout this thesis. 

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