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At Essays.se you access most of the English-language final essays published at Swedish universities.


Every year tens of thousands of Swedish university students spend many million hours researching and writing their final theses. The end result - all the essays - is a knowledge resource of great weight. However, up until quite recently, it was common that the finished essays where stored away in the darkest corners of the university libraries, where no-one would ever find them.

This problem led way to the Swedish website Uppsatser.se. The website was launched in 2004, with the goal to become a knowledge platform that could bridge the knowledge-gap between university students, schools and companies in Sweden.

Essays.se - the english language version of Uppsatser.se, was launched in november 2007. It is meant for all of people who do not speak Swedish, but still want to take part of the research carried out by Swedish students.

About one fourth of the university essays in Sweden are written in English.

Where do the essays come from

The essays are submitted by the Swedish universities.

Essays.se and Uppsatser.se co-operate with the LIBRIS-department at the National Library of Sweden. LIBRIS has the managerial responsibility for the development and support of library based solutions on a national level in Sweden. LIBRIS maintains an essay-database called "Uppsök", which is the starting-point for Essays.se. All Swedish universites are not yet connected to Uppsök, so it is our goal that more universities will join this initiative.

The institutions and / or libraries at the Swedish universites are responsible for making additions, removals and updates to the essays in the database. If you want to change or remove information in the database, contact the institution that published the essay in question.

Using essays as reference

If you find an essay useful for your own work, make sure to clearly state the full source in your list of references. Otherwise, you could become accused of plagiarism. More and more sophisticated tools are being developed to detect digital plagiarism. Your school och employer probably has - or will soon have - a program to detect plagiarism. (One of the systems developed in Sweden is called Urkund).

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