Application for Wind Farm Integration Complying with the Grid Code by Designing an Outer Control Strategy for the Converter.

University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektro- och systemteknik (EES)


The continuously increasing energy penetration from wind farms into the grid raises concerns regarding power quality and the stable operation of the power system. The Grid Code´s requirements give strict guidelines for a wind farm´s behaviour under faulty or abnormal operating conditions.The primary purpose of this project is the application of a STATCOM for wind farm integration complying with the Grid Code. Towards that, an outer control strategy for the converter is designed so as to regulate the voltage at the point of common coupling by providing reactive power compensation. Thus the safe operation of the grid will be ensured since the wind farm will follow the Grid Code´s standards.The existing Grid Code requires only a positive sequence current controller. This study attempts to investigate whether this is sufficient or not and to examine the possibility of extending the Grid Code requirements so as to incorporate a negative sequence current controller as well. The results support the latter suggestion. Also, the use of SiC devices was also considered in this project.

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