Urban renewal in Stockholm : A reason or solution for segregation?

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Kulturgeografiska institutionen

Abstract: Urban development is an ongoing process in Stockholm with renewal projects emerging in the suburbs of the city. Hallonbergen, north west of Stockholm city, is no exception and is also the neighborhood concerned in this essay. The purpose of the thesis is to examine two aspects of urban renewal and to analyze place-making as strategy for current urban renewal. The research strategy applied is a qualitative method and specific strategies utilized is qualitative interview and content analysis, in addition to literature sources such as earlier research in the form of scientific articles and books, official documents deriving from public authorities, news articles and internet sources. The result shows that urban renewal can be seen as a reason for segregation and hence a contributor to urban injustices as it causes a gentrification process leading to inequality for inhabitants, but also as a solution for segregation if a change in focus areas were to adapt, and thus, possibly, counteract the negative consequences of segregation and urban injustices. By way of conclusion, suggested improvement of urban renewal development combines regional development planning, a policy focused to involve a greater emphasis on retention and raised awareness of the risks associated with place-making. 

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