Exploring Voice-Controlled System : Services and Consumer Preferences towards future usage within the Food Industry

University essay from Jönköping University/IHH, Företagsekonomi; Jönköping University/IHH, Företagsekonomi

Author: Parflo Jennifer; Georgi Sofroniev; [2020]

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Abstract: As voice assistants and voice-controlled devices continue to gain traction, companies worldwide are exploring the potentials that voice-controlled systems can offer - an ability to connect with users, drive customer attraction, gain market share, and build valuable relationships with market segments. Voice systems shift the interactions from human-based interaction or manually input to a process bound to electronic devices and channels. Now more than ever, a comprehensive understanding that outlines how voice-controlled systems can be integrated into a business strategy can lead to new means of firm success. Voice is one of the new elements of a unified Internet of Things network, facilitating device control and interaction through a new interface. To understand the potential of a voice control system as a system and the value it can add to firm offerings to build consumer relationships, the research paper utilizes existing theoretical frameworks. The Internet of Things paradigm establish the digital landscape, while Electronic Customer Relationship Management Model explores the importance of how voice-controlled systems can build valuable digital relationships. Finally, the Technology Acceptance Model aims to clarify how voice-controlled systems are currently perceived by consumers and the factors which contribute to their potential adaption. The paper investigates the potential implementation of voice-controlled systems within the food industry as three unique service offerings. Using the food industry as a foundation for voice-controlled services adds valuable and credible insights. Through an exploratory research approach this paper as well investigates if any significant factors influence customer attitudes towards current and future usage of voice-controlled system. The combination of an organizational and customer approach aims to add to Voice Controlled Systems research by providing a foundation of customer perceptions that may influence the implementation of this technology. Conclusively, the paper underlines the potential services most accepted by consumers that can be employ through voice-controlled systems within the food industry.

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