Adoption of Hybrid methodology in projects

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik; Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Abstract: Agile project management approach is known for its adaptability to changes in project lifecycle but has uncertainties in costs and time. Debates are still ongoing between practitioners and the academics regarding the project managers approach while choosing the methodology to gain the project success. We investigated and explored the adoption of hybrid methodology, which is a fusion of traditional and agile project management methodologies in project. The hybrid methodology is becoming popular but still emerging, provides hybrid success with the fusion of structured waterfall and the flexible agile. The research question addressed was “How and why hybrid methodology is adapted and used in projects?”   We investigated the implementation of hybrid methodology in various software organizations and adoption of hybrid methodology in various projects at different phases by conducting nine semi-structured interviews with three different software organizations. This included the interviews of project managers, team leaders, team members who are working with hybrid methodology. We analyzed the practice of hybrid methodology in projects and its benefits and challenges. This thesis concluded with assessing values from hybrid approach from their implementation of hybrid methodology. The benefits revealed from hybrid approach focused on business value, time and costs, customizing the project management methodology to the problem rather than using a single approach and enhancing the quality on complex projects.  

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