Open Innovation Portals, Maximizing Submission through Quality and Volume Contributions

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: AbstractAs the environment for companies is being affected by numerous factors, thecompetitive landscape is becoming more and more fierce. One way for companies tostay flexible, and supporting the internal innovation capabilities is through an OpenInnovation Portal. This qualitative case study tries to find what features that affect thevolume and quality of contributions entering an Open innovation Portal. The featurescan be altered and used by a Portal owner in order to maximize both volume andquality of contributions. With the significant absence of academia within the subject,the theoretical framework is based on derived theories from similar environments.The result has identified 9 different features that can be used to overcome barriers,increase motivation and maximize quality of the submitted contributions. Furthermore, a theoretical model has been developed in order to describe what featuresaffects what step in the submission process.

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