Introduction of the Academic Factor Quality Minus Junk to a Commercial Factor Model and its Effect on the Explanatory Power. An OLS Regression on Stock Returns

University essay from KTH/Matematisk statistik; KTH/Matematisk statistik

Abstract: The ability to predict stock returns is an ability many wish to possess, and in an accurate way as possible. For many years there has been an interest in the field of factor models explaining the returns, with the aim to increase the explanatory power. This is however a complex business since the factors and their improvement of explanatory power need to be significant. Now and then, researchers come up with new significant factors that have a positive impact on models. AQR Capital Management is no exception to this, since they in 2013 presented the factor Quality Minus Junk, earning significant risk-adjusted returns. This bachelor thesis work within mathematical statistics and industrial engineering and management, aims to investigate whether or not the commercial multi-factor model used at the public pension fund Fjärde AP-fonden will be improved by adding the factor Quality Minus Junk, in the sense of explanatory power. The method used is mainly based on multiple linear regression and three three-year time periods are studied ranging from 2010 to 2018. The results from this thesis work show that the QMJ factor provides significant increases in explanatory power for one of three time periods, the most recent period 2016$-$2018. However, since the results are inconclusive further studies are needed in order to better understand how to interpret the results and whether or not to include the QMJ factor in the model.

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