Space Adventure : The Storyline Method and Young English Language Learners’ Motivation

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för humaniora

Abstract: This study examined the Storyline method and its effect on young English language learners’ motivation. Four classes in third year compulsory school in Sweden were studied using an experimental research design, where two groups used the Storyline method and two continued with their usual teaching. Measurements were done with semi-structured observations and semi-structured interviews during four weeks. The observations revealed that the Storyline method resulted in more motivated students, mostly due to the use of creative and communicative exercises. The teachers graded the students’ motivation and that did not reveal any considerable differences between the groups. However, the teachers in the experiment groups explained in the interviews that the students were more motivated with Storyline than without. Further outcomes of the results revealed that the Storyline method increased the teachers’ use of English while teaching and some teachers’ perception of their students’ language proficiency was questioned. The findings also showed that the method could respond to challenges in teaching, mentioned by the teachers.

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