Konsekvenser för äggproducenter efter förändring i djurskyddslagen avseende inhysning av värphöns

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (from 130101)

Author: Marcus Pålsson; [2006]

Keywords: äggproduktion; bursystem; höns; frigående;

Abstract: The avowed aim in this project was to see how the Swedish egg production is today. My first question was if the Swedish egg producers egg production turn a profit. I have done five after calculation at five different egg producers with different systems from case to case. The difference has been the living system, the fodder and the egg price. They made a report in Uppsala, Sweden (Hoffman & Andersson, 1996), where the look forward to a Swedish cage ban and made calculations after that coming ban. After that they lift the Swedish ban of cages and the egg producers could invest in new cages who called the decorated cage. In this decorated cages the hen should have sand bath and a roost. The cage was also a little bigger then the old one. I have looked if there is any difference at egg producers who have their hen in free systems (high (more then one ground) or low (one ground) systems) with the egg producers who have their hen in the new decorated cages. The SFS-Swedish Egg make every year a production cost calculation and gives it to every member in the association. I have compared this calculation with the current egg price for that kind of egg. This comparing is done in 3 different years, 1995, 1999 and 2005. Then I look at my own calculations from real egg producers and seen that the cost is lower in my calculations. The best result was one egg producer who has the hen in a free system (low) in an old building. This producer has very low costs for the house but a little more costs for the work. The disadvantage for this producer is when the building is so old so it not will work for egg production it will cost a lot. In the new buildings I have study did the big building with the decorated cage show the best result. I think if you should have a god result for a long time you need to run a larger-scale of egg production. Just to get better prices of fodder, better egg price, lesser work need. Both free system and the cage system will be used for a long time with almost the same results.

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