Framework and Tools for IT Security within Logistics and Infrastructure oriented Operations : With a focus on Static Application Security Testing

University essay from Högskolan Dalarna/Institutionen för information och teknik

Abstract: Static Application Security Testing Tools (SAST) is a security tool that claims to help with security in an IT system. Static Application Security Testing tools are technical solutions that operate within the continuous integration of the system. The tool uses frameworks such as OWASP and CWE to detect common vulnerabilities in the codebase by analysing code in the building and testing phase of continuous integration. The problem with SAST tools is that there are many different beliefs surrounding them. Some say they are crucial for security, while some believe they are less helpful and can even inhibit projects by introducing false positives. This thesis determines if SAST tools are an effective solution to security problems within in an IT system. The focus was on logistics- and infrastructure-oriented operations, which the partner company Triona operates within. We use literature review to look at previously similarly conducted research combined with interviews with experienced people within the fields. This gives qualitative results that coupled with previous research can be generalized. The results show that SAST tools are effective tools if used responsibly. Both the literature and interviews conclude that SAST tools are not enough on their own to satisfy the security requirements but must be combined with responsible use of the tools as well as code reviews and other types of testing. SAST tools are also shown to have some problems, mainly false positives, and false negatives. There are also problems related to the implementation of the tools. These problems are costs that comes with implementation, as well as the time spent on it. Other problems are bad communication with developer teams that led to developers not knowing what to do in case of errors shown by the tool. Interviews conducted provides information that SAST tools are not only tools for security but also helps with manageability of code bases. 

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