The heterogeneous pervasiveness of Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO)

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Research Question Does EO manifest in heterogeneous manners along the vertical dimension of an organisation, and if so why? Purpose To gain a deeper understanding of how EO is manifested within organisations and why the pervasiveness of EO could be manifested in an heterogeneous manner throughout an organisation. Theoretical Perspectives Corporate entrepreneurship, EO, entrepreneurial spirals and entrepreneurial pervasiveness have been the theoretical perspectives used in the study. Methodology A quantitative case study has been conducted using unstructured and semi-structured interviews. Empirical Foundation Twenty interviews have been conducted with eight employees in a managerial position and twelve in a non-managerial position from different parts of the business department with the company. Conclusion The study have shown that the attitudes and behaviours of EO do not pervade an organisation in a homogenous way, but EO pervade organisations in a heterogeneous manner. This is primarily due to 4 main factors namely; Degree of involvement(1), degree of communication (2) – which , (3) reward structures, such as non-financial personal incentives in the form of support and encouragement from a middle-manager and lastly, Resources (4) which include the explanatory factor connected to both existing structures that hampers (such as monthly budgets) but also non-existing structures that could relieve the non-managerial employee when wanting to engage in activities concurrent to EO (but are restricted by for example lack of time).

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