Software Test Strategies for the RNC RNH Subsystem

University essay from KTH/Kommunikationsnät

Author: Mohammad Hamed Yazdi; [2013]

Keywords: mobile networks; testing;

Abstract: This work concerns software testing strategies for the Radio Network Controller (RNC) RadioNetwork Handler (RNH) subsystem at the WCDMA development department at Ericsson AB. Due to the rapid development in the area of radio communication It is crucial to constantly develop and deliver new software components without errors in the code, which has to be tested and proved to work on a regular basis. Since development teams are working in parallel, one cannot uphold another team for long periods for testing purposes. It should be easy and straightforward to implement and maintain RNH tests. The main goal is to propose the best way of software testing for the RNH subsystem with respect to the agile way of working. In the first part of this work an investigation of the RNH software was done. This was to define a template for code classification. The aim of the classification is to identify a smallest testable unit for different testing levels. The data classes were considered as smallest testable unit for testing on low level. In the second part, unit test was deployed to two different blocks to evaluate unit testing and prove testability of data classes on a low level. In addition, the automated regression test framework was evaluated with respect to node level testing performance. In the third part, unit test was evaluated in comparison to the current testing level at RNH. The major result of this investigation shows all testing levels are required for the RNH subsystem, because each level focuses on a specific area of software testing. Furthermore, unit testing is recommended to be a permanent testing level at RNH subsystem, since unit testing is promoted by agile testing strategies (test as early as possible). Besides, when more detailed test on low level (unit testing) is applied, it may lead to the less testing effort on higher level.

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