COVID-19 and its effect on telemedicine usage globally : A scoping review

University essay from Högskolan Väst/Avd för informatik

Author: Lina Lundin; [2021]

Keywords: Pandemic; covid-19; telemedicine;

Abstract: In March 2020, COVID-19 was announced as a pandemic, and the whole world was affected. Lockdown and restrictions happened in several nations, and populations were told to keep their distance and avoid public places such as clinics and hospitals. Nation after nation started to implement or increase telemedicine usage to continue providing healthcare. In South Korea, telemedicine was prohibited before the pandemic but is now temporarily allowed. In the USA, telemedicine has increased its usage by 4000% at NYU Langone Health. However, there have been benefits such as easy accessibility, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and barriers such as technical issues, limited access, and low experience with technology. It has affected several populations such as the elderly, younger, low-income, and people living in rural areas. In this scoping review, COVID-19s impact telemedicine usage will be investigated as well as its benefits and barriers.

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