Software download over DoIP in Android

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Programvara och systemLinköpings universitet/Tekniska fakulteten

Abstract: The Android operating system, originally intended for smartphone devices, is now finding its way into cars and other vehicles. While the Android system already implements support for system updates, it is not suitable for use in the automotive domain. It is not compatible with modern automotive standards for diagnostic communication such as ISO 14229: Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS). This means that new tools, procedures and software would be needed to allow an Android device to be updated by a service technician in a repair shop or on the field. A better approach would be to add support for automotive diagnostic communication in Android. This way, the tools and supporting infrastructure that already exist can still be used. We have developed a solution for diagnostic communication on Android that is both modular and compatible with existing automotive standards. By using the standard ISO 13400: Diagnostic communication over Internet Protocol (DoIP), this solution enables both updating the system software on the Android device itself, as well as diagnostic communication with the ECUs on the vehicle’s internal CAN network. Thus, an existing diagnostic port based on a slower communication protocol such as CAN or J1587 could theoretically be replaced completely by the Android device’s Ethernet port. Finally, we have evaluated the performance of our implementation under various settings and conditions. These include varying the maximum size of a diagnostic message, different network settings, downloading software over a Wi-Fi link, and downloading data to multiple devices simultaneously.

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