Designing a kidney perfusion machine

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Abstract: Today, it is difficult to take care of organs that could have been donated to patients. In Sweden around 92 000 people die every year yet less than 200 of them become kidney donors. UGLK Science AB has developed a patented technology for restoring kidney function which increases the time window for donations significantly. In this project, the exterior of the kidney perfusion machine used for this technology is designed. The appearance of the machine must communicate stability and reliability to the user and must be designed so that it achieves a certain level of usability. To find such a design, the starting point for the project was data from the company in the form of different user needs, spatial requirements, and risk analysis. The components related to user interaction was heavily focused on in both ideation and evaluation. The components in question were a touch screen, pumps, handles and a disposable kit in direct contact with the organ. The most important aspects were how to move the machine, what it looks like when it runs programs and how well the user can connect the kidney and start different programs. The finished concept is intended to be simple and stylish, where the absolute biggest focus has been on placing the touch screen in a place where it is accessible in the parts of the process that it needs to be. The developed concept communicates reliability to the user by showing what the user needs to see and access to ensure safe use. Mutual trust between machine and human can provide safer use and more kidneys ready for transplantation.

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