Miniaturization of a Low Power Harmonic Radar for UAV use

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för elektro- och informationsteknik

Abstract: The aim with this Master thesis work is to design, build and test a small size, light weight and low power consumption harmonic radar system that will be installed in a flying drone for the purpose of tracking and localizing tagged Bogong moths near their aestivation caves and crevices in Australia during summer. A FMCW harmonic radar is proposed, it comprises a radar transmitter, receiver and a signal processor. The challenges of the design are to make the system small and light enough to be carried by the drone and to keep power consumption as low as possible to at least complete an entire search mission with one battery charge. The investigations during the thesis cover link budget analyses for different design options, operating frequency selection, waveform design, system simulations and components selection. The moths are tagged with a special adhesive tag which is small so it does not disrupt the insect movement, the small size and low reflected power of the tag limits the radar detection range and the radar design is optimized to improve range measurement by proper selection of components and proper design of the radar waveform.

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