Cascading Web Services in Mobile Environments : Bridging Wireless and Wired Networks for Data Transactions

University essay from Växjö universitet/Matematiska och systemtekniska institutionen; Växjö universitet/Matematiska och systemtekniska institutionen

Abstract: Cascading Web Services represent a collection of services offered in a system consisting of multiple devices and multiple interacting platform independent networks. ‘Cascading’ enables Web Services to exploit access in diverse environments without manual intervention. The aim of this thesis is to investigate how Mobile Web Services interact with multiple other Web Services by allowing the generated content to cascade. These services are demonstrated as a technical design solution, in a number of cases within the field of Learning technologies. Communication among devices is preceded using request-response commands by cascading these commands between different Web Services that are self-contained and independent on their context or state. The system signifies a typical Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on a distributed system. Cascading Web Services involve multiple transport networks including Bluetooth Technology, GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Wired Networks. Whereas the protocol of this communication is to bridge Wired and Wireless networks for data transactions, specifically from a Bluetooth location-based network. A number of particular cases will be illustrated in the context of ‘educational outdoor activities’, to demonstrate how the system solution works involving users.

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