Measuring factors for increasing trust of people in e-transactions

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Industriell ekonomi och samhällsvetenskap/Industrial marketing and e-commerce

Author: Arash Mansoorian; [2006]

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Abstract: The topic of this thesis is "measuring factors, for increasing trust in e.transactions" and related literature review ,includes below headlines: 2.1 AN INTRODUCTION TO NECESSITY OF TRUST2.2 LIFE CYCLE OF A BUSINESS TRANSACTION2.3 ROLE OF TRUST SERVICES IN BUSINESS PROCESS2.3.1 PROCESS OF SUBMITTING A REQUEST2.3.2 THE PROCESS OF FINDING POTENTIAL PARTNERS2.3.3 CREDIBILITY ESTABLISHMENT2.3.4 CONTRACT NEGOTIATION2.3.5 SIGNING A CONTRACT2.4 EMERGING TRUST SERVICES AND ITS CUES2.4.1 IDENTITY2.4.2 DIGITAL CREDENTIALS2.4.3 RECOMMENDATION AND RATING2.4.4 ANONYMITY2.4.5 MESSAGING2.4.6 NOTARISATION2.4.7 STORAGE2.4.8 TRUSTED COLLABORATION2.5 TWO DIFFERENT VIEWS2.5.1 TECHNOLOGY ISSUES2.5.2 BUSINESS ISSUES2.6 OUTCOMES OF DIFFERENT VIEWS2.7 TRUST BEHAVIOR BY A COMPARISON BETWEEN TRUST IN THE TROPICS VERSUS TRUST IN THE DEVELOPED WORLD2.8 E.TRASNACTION AND IT S RELATED IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS2.9 THE MATTER OF TRUST2.10 SOME CUES FOR EVALUATING TRUSTWORTHINESS IN A COMMERCE SITE2.11 SECURITY2.12 CATEGORIZING IMPORTANT TYPES OF TRUST2.12.1 TRUST IN PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS2.12.2 TRUST IN BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS2.13 HCL & TRUST IN E-COMMERCE According to the nature of major research question (Which is more important factor, which affects customer s trust?) the qualitative approach is chosen and in this case a questionnaire is prepared to measure the people's trust. Hence, primary data will be extracted from the people who are the critical focus point of this study. This questionnaire has six parts with the same structure and content but in two aspects. The first part is looking for interface properties of an e.transaction such as branding and usability.My case is based on a survey, comparing the websites of 3 companies 3M,EXFO and Fujikura and based on a questionnaire consist of 23 question and in 2 major parts [Interface Properties , Informational content] as stated above I have measured available factors which are listed as below:1.Interface Properties 1.1 Branding 1.2 Usability2.Informational Content2.1 Company 2.2 Products & Services 2.3 Security 2.4 Privacy After receiving 43 filled out questionnaire(sample size is determined by the means of relative error) from the people who has enough knowledge over the case(living in china, India, Germany, Canada, Japan and Iran) and by means of factor analysis I have reduced the total number of questions to 15. Finally after all my investigations, clearly "USABILITY" is recognized as the most important factor among others. For your more information, my thesis draft is available in PDF format and English language and immediately I can send it to you upon your request. Above topic is based on my personal interest and I have really work/search on that by reading different papers and interviewing with different people in china/Japan/Germany/Sweden/Iran and searching through different channel and sources.The reason to select this topic for my thesis could be:The Internet is growing at a phenomenal pace. The importance of Metcalfe s Law "The value of a network increases exponentially with the number of nodes." is becoming more evident. Emerging digital mobile terrestrial services and technologies are bringing data services to hundreds of millions of users on worldwide basis. E.commerce will decrease expenses which are necessary for doing a transaction like, transportation. It provides new business opportunities, reduces costs and facilitates exchanges with business partners and consumers (Gartner Group,2000). Despite the advantageous available for the e.commerce, lack of some important factors like trust, security, inappropriate use of technology, wrong or extraordinary information, privacy, categorizing the customers and make them satisfied in different levels will cause great barriers for developing it, in the society/world.