Does CSR create firm value? : A Comparison of moderating effects of country and industry characteristics

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: This study aims to demonstrate how different country and industry-level variables affect the value-creating abilities of CSR initiatives. It contributes to the growing body of literature about CSR as it directly compares the moderating effects of the quality of country-level institutions with the moderating effects of the respective industry sector. The study amongst 3,670 firms in a sample period from 2006-2014 shows that CSR initiatives have a superior value-creating ability in environments with weak capital markets and country governance standards. Firms in controversial industry sectors have a superior ability to create value through CSR because they display a higher potential for reputational gains through CSR due to the nature of their business. The results of the study suggest a supremacy of country-level determinants over industry-level determinants of the CSR-firm value relationship.

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