Walk the plan : an exploration of linear landscapes

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management (from 130101)

Abstract: This master thesis is an investigation of linear landscapes through a case study of three projects, a design critique of Rosengårdsstråket, and a proposal for the architecture competition Imagine Open Skåne 2030. The critique is based on aspects found in the investigated cases and theory on on-site exploration and on-site information gathering. The main theoretical source is ‘the Traveling Transect’, the theory in development by researchers Lisa Diedrich, Gini Lee and Ellen Braae. It combines studio work with trans-areal exploration, as a way to uncover place specific information and relations. The purpose of the critique is to learn from an existing project, to find aspects to build upon in the search for new forms of a more including and democratic planning process. To offer a more collaborative process that supports bottom-up initiatives. The proposal is a group work by Carl-Johan Banck, Martin Berge, and David Bratthäll. It is set in the highly contested landscape of southwestern Skåne, where many different landscape types fight for space in a rather small area, and thereby, creating conflicts of interest such as urban expansion against preservation of farmland. Its main goal is to make the landscape accessible and open up for a discussion on how to best develop the different landscape types to best deal with present and future challenges. It is set up as a method in which collaboration between different actors and an experimental approach to landscape architecture and planning are included.

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