Upgrade of PV Lab and Implementation of Automatic Measurement System : Photovoltaic Monitoring System

University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik


The report is focused on the implementation of a data acquisition system that will be used for measuring different parameters which are needed in solar panel behavior analysis. To accomplish the DAQ system a DAQ board has been designed and implemented. This DAQ board acquires measured climatic parameters that affect the PV module behavior and voltage and current of a PV module. The DAQ board may take measurements of multiple analog and digital signals that come from various sensors including solar radiation, temperature, wind sensors and other measurement devices. The DAQ board may also output analog signals for controlling other devices.

The DAQ board is the basic part of the DAQ system and several of them can be connected via a single communication bus (RS485). A unique slave ID can be assigned to each DAQ board on the communication bus, which allows the control of all boards via a GUI application installed on a master computer. Therefore, the DAQ system can be used for monitoring a PV module installation as well as logging the measured data in a data storage server.

This report outlines the details of the DAQ system design which are helpful in utilizing or upgrading this system. These details also include programming of DAQ board and implementation of MODBUS communication protocol within the DAQ system.

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