Växtmaterialet i 1700-talets engelska park : en växtplan för Engelska kullen på Gunnebo

University essay from SLU/Landscape Management, Design, and Construction (until 121231)

Abstract: Gunnebo House and Gardens was designed during the late 18th century by architect Carl Wilhelm Carlberg as a summer residence for the wealthy merchant John Hall Sr. and his family. The garden consists of formal garden, kitchen garden and English park. For the first two parts several original drawings have been preserved and here a lot of restoration work has been carried out. This paper aims to examine how the English park might have been implemented during John Hall Sr.’s time and to create a plant scheme for the area called “Engelska kullen” (The English hill). A literature study has been performed with purpose to find out what persons during the 18th century were working within the area of gardening, how they interpreted the style English park and what plant material they used. Large parts of the study have taken place at Gunnebo through inventories, archive studies and interviews with purpose to give an image of the plant situation at “Engelska kullen”, historically as well as of today. The accumulated impression of the concept English park that the study has given together with the facts that have been found about the plant material at Gunnebo have become the foundation for and are presented in a plant scheme for “Engelska kullen”. The plant scheme is composed of different parts that represent different feelings and these parts form a uniform composition.

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