”It is very important to involve family, especially for mother because baby and mother someway close together.” A qualitative interview study focusing on Vietnamese parents experienced role in the physical therapy treatment for their child with congenital

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Fysioterapi; Uppsala universitet/Fysioterapi

Abstract: ABSTRACT Introduction The parents involvement in the physical therapy treatment of their child diagnosed with congenital muscular torticollis is crucial for a positive outcome. The parents’ role has been mentioned as valuable in many studies, but there is a lack of studies that solely focus on the parents. Purpose The purpose was to interview Vietnamese parents at Ho Chi Minh City Children's Hospital in Vietnam, focusing on what the parents believe to be their role in the treatment of their child with congenital muscular torticollis. Design and method This study had a qualitative and exploratory research design with eight semi-structured interviews. To process the data a qualitative inductive content analysis were used. Results There were a will from the participants to be involved in the physical therapy treatment but there were also a need and desire for more knowledge. The participants experienced role in the treatment were regarding knowledge, trust, support and involvement. Conclusion All of the participants saw their importance to the treatment and wanted to be involved in the intervention. Despite the will to be involved there are a need of more support from the hospital.

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