The Nothing to be afraid of : Experiments within lyrical animation

University essay from Konstfack/Grafisk Design & Illustration


Practical Approach

In this project I have been exploring how to work intuitively and exploratory with animation, lyrical animation, dynamic paintings – whatever you might call it. Traditional animation is meticulous; it has a strong emphasis on planning the storytelling. This approach derives from the fact that the production of traditional animation is extremely time-­‐consuming and thus expensive in either time or money. I started this project with an experience of how modern software and hardware can help you bypass these hurdles, and perhaps enabling a more experimental, improvising approach without necessarily compromising the output quality. I have my starting point in illustration and acrylic painting as a medium, which I, in this project have been implementing in the software After Effects

Theoretical Approach

I make sense of the world through metaphors. The metaphor allows me to understand something even though I haven’t experienced it myself. An experience, a sensation, can have transparent qualities. It can be superimposed onto the experiences of others; scaled up or down a bit or change the time and the setting. Perhaps it is this, which allows us to have empathy? When I tell a story, I am making a room of my feelings that others can step into and we can share an experience. In this project, I have been trying to find a way to tap into the vapors of my imagination. Through intuition-­‐driven animation excises, I try to solidify my vague inklings, hoping to make my mind somewhat permeable to yours. 

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