The current need for energy efficiency on the market for residential and commercial properties : -    A qualitative study on the situation of energy efficiency in properties today and the service offer, from a consumer perspective.

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för marknadsföring (MF)

Abstract: Title: The current need for energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings; a qualitative study on the situation for energy efficiency in properties is today, from a consumer perspective. Key words: Energy efficiency, energy efficiency services, efficiency needs, property managers, property owners, Background: Energy efficiency is something that could help preserve the resources we have and to get maximum output from the efforts put in. Sweden has as a member of the EU goals of rationalization the energy use and reducing the emissions, CO2 in particular. The objectives for Sweden are a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with 40 percent, a share of renewable energy by 50 percent, a more efficient energy use by20 percent and a share of 10 percent of renewable energy in the transport segment. These objectives are to be met by 2020 and will be related to the levels of 1990. The market of commercial and residential properties is large and could with the right tools help with improving energy efficiency and reduce emissions in society. As all organizations have their activities in some type of building, they are all concerned with this. Research question: How is the situation of the need for energy efficiency on the market for residential and commercial properties, from a consumer’s perspective? How should the offer from energy consultants be designed from a consumer’s perspective? Methodology: Interviews have been carried out with 28 participating respondents managing or owning properties on the market for residential and commercial buildings in Sweden. The respondents were chosen with a convenience sample from the total population. The collected empirical information was analyzed through interpretation of words and patterns were identified. Result: The need for energy efficiency on the market for residential and commercial buildings is rather strong. Organizations are interested in the potential savings that can be made by working with energy efficiency questions and are therefore investing to a large extent in this field. First and foremost the clients emphasize that the social factor is very important when doing business with any company. The social aspect of a service should definitely be handled with great caution and be adaptable to each consumer with specific needs. Other than that of course the competence of the consultant company is a significant feature in a service, if not the most essential one.

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