EMC Pre-Compliance Testing and Development in PCB Design

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Elektroniska Kretsar och System

Author: Vinod Diwakara; [2021]

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Abstract: Every electronics product should be electromagnetic compatible and adherence to appropriate standards for commercial success. Solar Bora, situated in Linköping, manufactures off-grid power systems with solar cell systems that deliver a high-power output of 230 VACclean and stable electricity. The energy stored in the batteries must be effectively transferred from DC to AC with the help of an inverter module. The current master’s thesis is about radiated emission testing on the controller printed circuit board which contributes to overall emissions in the inverter. EN-61000-6-3: Generic standards - Emission standards for residential, commercial, and light-industrial environments guide the testing procedure.When there are limited prototype runs and a short time to market, knowing and comprehending how different design factors affect EMC performance is critical. This thesis will look at how different layout design factors impact the converter’s radiated emissions. Radiated emissions testing in the frequency range 30 MHz - 1 GHz are the focus. Based on the findings, appropriate mitigation measures are implemented to minimize radiated emission; Altium Designer used in the new converter layout design. The new converter was put through the same emission test as per standard in the lab to ensure its functioning.

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