Developing process quality measurement in shipbuilding industry

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för industriell ekonomi

Abstract: This thesis investigates the possibility to adapt Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), tothe development process in the shipbuilding industry.More specifically the development process wasdelimited to the phases; design, work preparation, production and verification.Ordinarily, OEE is a performance measurement for mass production. Itincludes aquality parameter which has been the focus of this thesis. Both literature review and case study investigation show that process quality is of critical importance in the shipbuilding industry because of the needs for dimensional accuracy and high-quality assemblage.The three main factors affecting process quality are;the flow of information between engineering phaseand productionphase, and the amount of rework and delays. The factors wereevaluated along an optimization method with a specific attention to process quality. Acase studywas conductedto confirm the relevance of the literature review on factors affecting process qualityand allowedto gather factors in process quality that are relevant to the industry.In light of those results, I re-developed a model providingnew measurement of what I call OPQE (Overall Process Quality Efficiency).This study contributes to a betterunderstanding of process quality in ETO(Engineering-To-Order)industries. Notably it shows how deviations that require rework and causesdelays are impacting process quality. It also shows that detecting errors early in the process of production is essential for insuring quality control. An error detected late affects negatively process quality and increases cost.

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