The importance of the perceptional quality in town planning to an adequate self- recognition

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Abstract: The way, how we perceive our environment has a significant impact on our daily lives and thus on our social relationships. On the one hand, humans of today are limiting their experiences of the physical environment, and neglect “spiritual” aspects. On the other hand, a perceptual imbalance has evolved which is accompanied by the rapid urbanisation of today. These two phenomena are associated with each other. The above-mentioned evolved imbalance has a significant impact on human’s life quality. Therefore, the present study investigates the importance of sensory perception as an aspect of human behaviour in the built environment. To examine the topic, firstly, I reviewed past literature written on this topic. Secondly, I conducted qualitative researches regarding the topic, both an open-ended questionnaire and also freeform interviews. The purpose of the qualitative methods described above was to give an insight into the approach and interpretation of the perceptual disturbance.   I conclude with my findings reached through the literature reviews.  That is followed by a suggestion regarding the significance of the participatory education of the designers.   The present paper remains theoretical and approaches to perceptuality from the sensory aspect.  

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