Creating a Competitive Environment: Factors Affecting the Successful Usage of Business Intelligence

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming increasingly prioritized within current organisations. Previous research on factors affecting BI have been made within the context of implementation and with a focus on factors considered critical – that is – essential for BI to succeed at all. The authors of this thesis have gathered success factors in the context of BI usage, while not limiting the findings to factors to be considered critical; rather, any factor found considered to have an effect on BI success has been used. Through a qualitative study with interviews including six informants from three respective companies, questions were asked in a way to find out how the industry considers factors to affect BI initiatives. The findings were that all factors presented had an effect to some extent, and suggestions for additional factors and contextual issues to be considered is presented.

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