Mesh-Relay with MRC in 802.16j Networks

University essay from KTH/Kommunikationssystem, CoS

Author: Maria Jimena Arguello Baltodano; [2010]

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Multi-hop relay networks are a recent trend in WiMAX 802.16j networks. Many studies on the viability of relay stations have been done. It shows that RS are good cost-effective solution to the increasing demands on wireless broadband services. One problem that faces the 802.16j standard is its topology. It is a tree based multi-hop relay network, which is very vulnerable to single point breakage. This thesis proposes a new robust pairing technique in 802.16j network; combining a mesh topology with maximal ratio combining at the access link. Maximal ratio combining takes advantage of the broadcast nature of relay stations to obtain diversity gain. Mesh topology is a more robust topology without increasing delay or decreasing throughput. Maximal ratio combining provides higher throughput per burst, together a total throughput is increase 5% per frame is achieved.

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