A study of the Possibilities of Sustainable Building in Timber- in the City of Pines

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för ekonomi och teknik (SET)

Author: Mary Lorence Reyes; [2012]

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Our generation is about saving the earth, our one and only home. For centuries resources have been used without the consideration of tomorrow. Modernization contributed to today’s environmental issues such as climate change and greenhouse effects. Effects of past deeds have been seen and experienced. We are trying to correct these mistakes and this paper is all about that. Construction industry is a major contributor to these issues and sustainable building is one solution to aid these matters. This paper is about exploring the possibility of sustainable building in timber in Baguio City, Philippines.

Considering the intensive development, rapid population increase and natural conditions, the city like most of the cities in the world is in need of sustainable building. This paper reviews modern green architecture and today’s durable timber construction design particularly suited for the city. There is of course a presentation of timber as sustainable material. To complement these reviews fieldwork in documentation on traditional and current sustainable building in timber of the city was performed.

Discussions with the different Philippine organizations regarding the current use of timber as sustainable material were also completed in this work. While to recognize the current situation in Baguio City enquiry to Department of Environmental and Natural Resources-CAR was necessary. Visit and phone call survey of the availability of Benguet Pine, the most dominant timber, in local suppliers were made as well.

For decades the Luzon Tropical Pine Forest has been exploited for its timber. These forests have not been sustainably managed. Logging (illegal and legal), regular fires and natural calamities are causes of forest destructions. These are the constraints of sustainable building in timber not only in the city but the whole country. There is now an on going forest rejuvenation and log banning. That is why Benguet Pine is not available in the market. Building in timber is expensive and very limited.

The future success of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources – CAR as well as the international and national NGOs in saving the forest and promoting Sustainable Forest Management will answer the availability of Benguet Pine for local timber production.

The package of green architecture, combination of traditional and modern durable timber construction designs is the beginning of future Sustainable Building in timber in the City of Pines.

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