Study of Multiport Antenna Systems on Terminals for WLAN : MIMO Technology

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Ämnesavdelningen för elektronik

Abstract: Using more than just on antenna can significantly speed up the data rate in a wireless communication system. These systems are commonly referred to as Diversity- and MIMO-systems. Due to tight volume restriction for the antennas, e.g. in a mobile phone, electromagnetic coupling between the antennas will degrade the capacity of the wireless system and lower the coverage. In the proposed thesis, a thorough study of Ethertronics’ standard antennas will be established in which the antennas will be used in a multiport system, e.g. MIMO. The thesis will be strongly related to Ethertronics’ engagement in Chase and therefore also dependent on the latest progresses on MPA (Multiport Analyzer) developed in Chase. The thesis will result in a working methodology how to use MPA plus design-, location- and orientation rules for the standard antennas used in a multiport system.

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