Modelling adhesion in packaging materials

University essay from Lunds universitet/Byggnadsmekanik

Abstract: The adhesive properties in packaging material have been simplified for a long time. As more advanced packages are developed the correct mechanical properties for the adhesive strength is needed to make packages cost efficient and reliable. The problem today is that no good evaluation technics have been developed for determining the mechanical properties of adhesives. Different test methods for determining adhesion was studied. Peel tests were found most suited and were used when performing experimental tests on the package material. The purpose of the experimental tests were to evaluate the mechanical adhesion properties. FE-simulations were done to replicate the experimental peel tests with the aim of determining the correct adhesion properties needed in simulations. ABAQUS/Standard was used for the FE-simulations. It was found that it is difficult to evaluate the properties needed by only using peel tests. It was also found that it is possible to match the peel force from experimental tests with the peel force from FE-simulations. It is hard to say if the correct properties were used since many combinations yields the same peel force. Not only the adhesion parameters affects the result. If the goal is to fine tune the adhesion parameters in simulations, then all other parameters should be validated first. As an example, it is critical that the correct material models are used. The conclusion is that there is still a great research need before a method for evaluating adhesion strength is developed. With new experimental test methods and correct material models, good estimations of the adhesion properties could be made. This study brings up topics that further studies on adhesion would need to address.

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