The Conditionality of the European Commission’s Leadership: What makes Team Juncker strong?

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: Jean-Claude Juncker’s Commission entered European political arena with a style that wasn’t seen in Brussels since the times of Jacques Delors. It introduced a fresh way of communicating with citizens and stakeholders, as well as it presented a new way of structuring Europe’s executive body. Its emphasis on holistic approach to policy making in many aspects resembles the way of work we know from Delors Commission. Moreover, the Juncker Commission aims to pursue grand bold initiatives that have a potential to change our continent in a similar way Delors did. This thesis wants to explore the source of the current Commission’s confidence. The author explores both the institutional aspects that can lead to development of a powerful institution, as well as the personality of the President of the European Commission, Mr Jean-Claude Juncker. The author also evaluates the importance of both tiers and attempts to present conditions of President’s success. The author does so through academic literature, newspaper articles and a several discussions with experienced personalities that have a hands on experience with European politics.

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