Enhancing Working Relationship in a Multicultural Organization;McDonalds Borlänge, Sweden.

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för ekonomi; Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för ekonomi

Author: Patrick Eze; Olufemi Jooda; [2013]

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Abstract: AbstractTitle: Enhancing Working Relationships in a Multicultural Organization: McDonalds Borlänge.Level: Final Project for Master Degree in Business Administration.Authors: Jooda Olufemi Olalekan and Patrick Ndubuisi Eze.Supervisor: Prof. Akmal HyderDate: April, 2013.Aim: The aim of this paper is to investigate and identify factors that can enhance working relationship in a multicultural organization.Method: Case study method was used for this paper, with McDonalds Borlänge serving as the case company. Qualitative research was used with semi-structured interviews serving as means of gathering primary data. While secondary data was gathered through the aid of existing literatures.Result and Conclusions: The result of this study shows that attributes of cultural differences as identified by Hofstede exists among the workers of McDonalds Borlänge. It also reveals that factors like Leadership, Communication, Conflict Management and Diversity Training enhance working relationship among workers of a multicultural organization. The result further shows that for McDonalds Borlänge to further improve on its working relationship, the management has to introduce diversity training and also improve on its communication level. Workers from diverse cultures in the organization should put in effort to learn and be proficient in speaking the organizational language in order to communicate effectively.Suggestions for future research: Hofstede’s work on culture is important in the field of cultural learning. It is important to further investigate how the attributes of his cultural dimensions can be seen among workers of a multicultural company, not only in Sweden but across the world. Through further research, other factors that might enhance working relationship apart from the ones identified can also be revealed.Contribution of the Thesis: This paper can be useful as it sheds light on Hofstede’s cultural dimensions as it affects a multicultural company. Its findings can be employed by managers tofurther manage a rather complex multicultural organization. The society can also benefit from a more enhanced working relationship in a multicultural organization.Keywords: Multiculture, Relationship, Culture, Leadership, Communication, Conflict Management, and Diversity Training.

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