Realization of a serially-linked haptic device

University essay from KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Inst.)

Abstract: Spatial haptic interfaces have existed for more than 20 years but have not been widespread despite promising applications. The few devices found in the market as of today are either considered costly, of higher quality and produced in smaller series or mass-produced and cheap, but of lower quality. This thesis aims to develop a new serially-linked everyday haptic desktop product under the project name Polhem. It aims to be based on the previous efforts of WoodenHaptics and AluHaptics, developed by Forsslund et al. The electronics and control software is shared between the WoodenHaptics, the AluHaptics as well as the Polhem designed and manufactured in this project. Polhem is capable of delivering forces in 3 DOF and its manipulandum is trackable in 6 DOF. Polhem is designed so as to eliminate problems related to angular tracking technologies currently used in some higher-end haptic devices.

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