HOW TO ACHIEVE AND ENHANCE TRACEABILITY : A study about how traceability could beimproved within manufacturing processes

University essay from KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Avd.)

Abstract: The trends for manufacturing organizations are continuously increased customer expectations and demands, together with globalization of both markets and competition. As we are currently approaching the fourth industrial revolution and in order to stay competitive, companies need to adopt technological changes, differentiate themselves and improve their digital maturity. In line with this, Atlas Copco Secoroc, a Swedish manufacturing company of mining equipment and tools, has shared a divisional vision stating that they will embrace the Internet of Things and introduce some of the latest technological and digital trends. This in turn, sets some requirements on a functional traceability system. This research investigates how traceability could be improved throughout Atlas Copco Secoroc’s production chain and manufacturing processes. This research is based on an empirical study consisting of observations and interviews, all conducted at the company Atlas Copco Secoroc in Fagersta, Sweden, as well as a coherent and iterative literature review. The results emphasize the importance of understanding the overall need, clearly defining a traceability strategy and setting a suitable target level. It is vital to acquire knowledge regarding the subject and to first focus on securing the internal traceability and then expand to cover the entire supply chain. Furthermore, the findings highlight existing shortcomings, present material and recommendations that should be taken into consideration before advancing further and in-dicate the synergies with total quality management. Moreover, the master thesis resulted in concrete actions regarding how Atlas Copco Secoroc can enhance traceability within their manufacturing processes. Due to confidential information these recommendations are shown to Atlas Copco only and are not included in the published master thesis.

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