The Art of Keeping a Contractor : A Study of How to Strengthen the Thread that Ties a Contractor to a Competence Agency

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Industriell marknadsföring och industriell ekonomi


This thesis explores the fields of contracting and competence agencies. Itfocuses on the relationship between contractors and their agencies, and aims toidentify the expectations that contractors have on competence agencies and theactivities that can be undertaken by the agencies in order to improve andstrengthen the relation. A case study was made of a Danish competence agencyand of the contractors within its network. The qualitative part of the studyincluded interviews with five contractors and a questionnaire directed to theorganization. From the conclusions of the qualitative study and relevant theories,a set of hypotheses were formulated. The quantitative part consisted of a surveythat was sent out to the contractors in the network. The survey aimed to test thehypotheses and the results from the survey were analysed in Excel.The conclusions that were drawn from the outcome of the quantitative studywere that contractors join agencies because of the access to big companies thatare granted by agencies, because they do not have time to promote themselvesso they need someone to do it for them and because of the possibility to createnetworks and that contractors join more than one agency because they do notbelieve that one agency alone can supply them with full time occupation.Further on, it was also concluded that certain HRM as well as SHRM activitieshad a positive impact on the relationship, and that employer brandingstrengthened the bonds between the contractors and the competence agency.

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