Exploring the Roles of Parents and Teachers for Intervention for Inclusive Education of Children in Need of Support in Low & Middle Income Countries of the Southern Region of Africa. A Systematic Literature Review from 2011-2020

University essay from Jönköping University/HLK, CHILD

Abstract: Background: In this paper, we examine the role of parents and teachers in inclusive education intervention programmes.  Developing countries mostly have inclusive education policies in place, but implementation in many of such nations remain a serious challenge. This implies that inclusive schools often require interventions   Aim: The aim of this study is to describe the role of teachers and parents in intervention programs targeted at improving developmental activities of children in need of support in inclusive schools in some low- and middle income countries of the southern part of Africa.   Method: A systematic review of literature was adopted. Four online databases were searched for relevant articles, using a number of pre-defined criteria. Useful data, related to the research questions were subsequently extracted from the studies   Results: Community-based rehabilitation, universal design learning, and professional development are some of the intervention types in use in the Southern part of Africa. Furthermore, teachers were observed to play the roles of education and clinical psychologists, while striving to develop relevant on-the-job skills. Parents, On the other hand, were mostly found to contribute financially to smooth running of poorly-equipped inclusive schools. Although child development was not outrightly described in the reviewed articles, it mostly served as the basis for intervention   Conclusion: This study observed that the role of teachers and parents in intervention programs will be more effective, when child developmental facilitators e.g. linking intervention to UN children convention, are boosted in schools within the Southern region of Africa.

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